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Durak (fool) - card game


Play on your mobile phone in a card game fool. In the application there are different versions of the game. You can play alone with Android (which you can replace annoying Solitaire) or to arrange a tournament of the Fool with your friends. Game rules are very simple and understandable even to a child.The game is played with a deck of 36 cards. Goal of the game to get rid of the cards before opponent. Early in the game is dealt to each of the players 6 cards, should be opened and lays on the table, it will be a trump card in the game. The first goes to the one who has on hand will be the smallest trump card. Throws one of the cards that the opponent must hit the most rank of the same suit or trump. In the case where the opponent can not fight off, he takes all the cards on the table. Also in the game Snap, it is possible to throw up cards of the same rank as that on the table. In transferable fool the opponent has the right to transfer you made the next move in a circle to the player throwing a card of the same value.At the end of the player remaining at the hands of the cards left in the cold, hang out the deck and distributes it. The first move in this game will be a loser.Rank card from highest to lowest.-Ace-King-Lady-Valet-Ten-Nine-Eight-Seven-Shesterk